Creatures of the Nile

Dr Gina Criscenzo-Laycock 

Monday 11th March 2024

 2pm Mayer Hall

Rising in Lake Victoria and Lake Tana respectively, the White and Blue Niles meet at the Sudanese capital Khartoum, becoming the River Nile. Passing through an otherwise arid landscape, through northeast Africa to the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile has witnessed the rise and fall of many civilisations. However the Nile does not just provide a home for humans: the lives of animals, and the interactions between all the creatures of the Nile and the human inhabitants of the region, are central to the art, culture and archaeology of the Nile Valley.

People along the Nile would depict their world in many different ways, in elaborate tomb scenes, as amulets, on pots, and in their sacred writings. Their interactions would see the decline of species that had called the Nile their home since long before humans settled there, with new species advantageous to humans being introduced. As Nile-centred civilisations appeared, the people who built them would have an irreversible impact on their natural world, even as they immortalised it in their material culture.

Forthcoming Exhibition

The exhibition ‘Creatures of the Nile’ will run from May to October 2024At the University of Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery and Museum,

open to the public every Tuesday-Saturday, free of charge.

It will feature the Egyptian and Sudanese collections of the Garstang Museum of Archaeology, with additional artefacts on loan from National Museums Liverpool and Manchester Museum.


We have an exciting and diverse series of lectures in 2024
covering a wide range of topics and these are listed below
We are having two Zoom on-line meeting in April & Sept

Monday January 8th, 2pm
Tree Goddesses in Ancient Egypt
Dr Joanne Backhouse

February 12th, 2pm 
Paddle Dolls in Ancient Egypt : Gaudy or Godly?
Megan Clarke

March 11th, 2pm
Creatures of the Nile
Dr Gina Criscenzo-Laycock

Wednesday April 3rd Zoom 7pm
Wherever I Lay my Hat : The Grand Hotels of Egypt
Lee Young

13th May, 2pm
The Afterlives of Senenmut
Dr Campbell Price

June 10th, 2pm
'Nilotic' Scenes in the Art of the Prehistoric Aegean : Egyptian, Egyptianizing or Pure Pastiche?
Dr Gina Muskett

July 8th, 2pm
Egyptian International Relations in the Reign of Merenptah
Dr  Roland Enmarch

August 12th, 2pm
The Assyrian Conquests of Egypt
Neil Stevenson

Wednesday Sept 4th Zoom 7pm
‘Better than the British Museum’
the Egyptian Collection of Sir Henry Wellcome
Dr Ken Griffin

October 14th, 2pm
Coffins, Masks and Mummy Cases of Greco-Roman Egypt
Dr Judith Corbelli

November 11th , 2pm 
To be confirmed
Claire Ollett

December 9th , 2pm
AGM, Presidential Lecture & Christmas buffet
Dr Ashley Cooke  

At each Society meeting held in Mayer Hall a selection of Egyptology books is available for sale at very reasonable prices.