President Dr Ashley Cooke


14th January
Monday 2pm

Dr Jacky Finch

The University of Manchester, Alumnus

“Every Object Tells a Story”

8th July
Monday 2pm

Michael Tunnicliffe

Independent Scholar

The Amarna Letters: International Diplomacy in the Bronze Age.

11th February Monday 2pm

Nickianne Moody

Liverpool John Moores University

New Research on Reception Studies: Exhibitions, Interactive Activities and Special Events.

12th August
Monday 2pm

Dr Anna Garnett

Petrie Museum

The Petrie Museum:
Past and Present

11th March Monday 2pm

Julia Thorne

Retrograde Photography, University of Liverpool Alumnus

“Tiny Egypt”:
Egyptian Artefacts through a Macro Lens.

4th September
Wednesday 7.30pm

Members Research

Rosie Jackson
What makes Egypt memorable?

Steve Tasker
“Petrie’s Rockers”:
A wheel within a wheel.

3rd April
Wednesday 7.30pm

Julie Marshall

The University of Manchester Alumnus

“An Apple a Day”:
The Evolution of the Physician in the Ancient World

14th October
Monday 2pm

Steve Cross

Geo-Archaeological Survey Team

Recent work on KV11, Tomb of Rameses III.

13th May
Monday 2pm

Dr Campbell Price

Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester

Flinders Petrie at Hawara.

11th November
Monday 2pm

Dr Sam Cook

University of Liverpool Alumnus

Archery in Ancient Egypt.

10th June
Monday 2pm

Dr Joanne Backhouse

University of Liverpool &
Chairman of WAES

“To the Glory of the Gods”:

Jewellery in Ancient Egypt.

9th December
Monday 2pm

Bursary Student

Lecture on their current work

Members only

NB The evening meetings on the 3rd April and 4th September
will be held in the Bebington Suite, Bebington Civic Centre CH63 7PN