8th January
Monday 2pm

Dr Jacky Finch

University of Manchester
(Alumnus)/Independant Researcher

Footprints in the Sand: Experimental Archaology in Action

9th July
Monday 2pm

Dr Ashley Cooke

World Museum Liverpool/University of Liverpool

The Mummies of 8 Colquitt Street, Liverpool:
Joseph Mayer and his Mummy Room

12th February Monday 2pm

Dawn Power

University of Liverpool

Aspects of the Book of Caverns

13th August
Monday 2pm

Dr Roland Enmarch

University of Liverpool

The Book of the Hidden Chamber:
An Ancient Egyptian Guide to What-is-in-the Underworld (Amduat)

12th March Monday 2pm

Julie Marshall

Crystal Therapist
University of Manchester (Alumnus)

Belzoni and Burton's Representation of the Tomb of Seti I

5th September
Wednesday 7.30pm

Dr Joanne Backhouse

University of Liverpool & Chair of WAES

Till Death us do Part:
Female Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

4th April
Wednesday 7.30pm

Lee Young

Art Historian

The Life and Works of Nina de Garis Davies

8th October
Monday 2pm

Nickianne Moody

Liverpool John Moores University

Role Models for Girls:
The Egyptian Priestess in Girl's Comics of the 1970's

14th May
Monday 2pm

Dr Stephen Snape

University of Liverpool

New Kingdom Tombs at Saqqara

12th November
Monday 2pm

Dr Judith Corbelli

University of Liverpool (Alumnus)

Death in Greco-Roman Egypt I (The Tombs)

11th June
Monday 2pm

Dr Joan Padham

University of Swansea
(Alumnus)/Independant Researcher

The Enigma of the Cone on the Head

10th December
Monday 2pm

Bursary Student

Lecture on their current work

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NB The evening meetings on the 4th April and 5th September
will be held in the Bebington Suite, Bebington Civic Centre CH63 7PN