President Dr Dorothy Downes MA MLitt PhD


9th January
Monday 2pm

Dr Judith Corbelli

University of Liverpool

'Roman Sovereign or Pharaoh' - Temple iconography of Augustus in Upper Egypt and Nubia

10th July
Monday 2pm

Dr Campbell Price

Manchester Museum (The University of Manchester)

Rediscovering Senenmut
statues, status and scandal

13th February Monday 2pm

Dr Reg Clark

Independant Scholar

Tomb security in ancient Egypt from the Predynastic to the Pyramid age

14th August
Monday 2pm

Amber Furnage

Swansea University

DemonBase: A multidisciplanary approach to the inner workings of an ancient mind

13th March Monday 2pm

Dyan Hilton

University of Bristol

Ancient Glass

6th September
Wednesday 7.30pm

Dr Joanne Backhouse

Chairman of WAES &
University of Liverpool

Oracles, dreams and storytelling in ancient Egypt

5th April
Wednesday 7.30pm

Ed Bruce

Artist, lecturer
University of Liverpool

Egyptian art and Modernism

9th October
Monday 2pm

Dr Gina Muskett

Honorary Associate School of Histories, Languages and Cultures
The University of Liverpool

Knossos to Armarna
The excavations of J.D.S.Pendelbury

8th May
Monday 2pm

Dr Steven Snape

University of Liverpool

The Orientalists and Bromborough

13th November
Monday 2pm

Kath Slinger

University of Liverpool

Tomb families in the New Kingdom Theban necropolis

12th June
Monday 2pm

Dr Roland Enmarch

University of Liverpool

Scribe Ahanakht, a man of many talents: quarrying alabaster at Hatnub

11th December
Monday 2pm

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NB The evening meetings on the 5th April and 6th September
will be held in the Bebington Suite, Bebington Civic Centre CH63 7PN